Jan Edwards


Soul Inspired Life Sculptor,

Ghostwriter, Editor,

The Genius & Joy

Life Experience

Quest Guide

‘Helping the Highest Version of You Come Alive ~ In Your Work and In Your World’

With a passion to see people come alive, by experiencing and expressing their “authentic essence” and reflect in their business, Jan combines intuition, mental acuity, heart connection, creativity, and her intentionally inspired transformational life experience to guide her clients. 


Cutting through the muck, she helps them to release what isn't serving them, so their essence can reveal itself, their truth can be uncovered, and the awareness of their inner resources and Light can be realized.


By having uncovered the most direct pathways to her own ‘coming alive’ and authentic ‘soul,’ Jan has been able to discern valuable intricacies often hidden beneath the awareness of her clients and their work. 


Currently residing in Carlsbad, California, Jan is deepening her inspirational & intuitive work with individuals & groups, exploring various self-realization pathways, deeper intuition, and mind-body-spirit connection through yoga-stretch-breath-meditation-energy work and other practices. 

In 2020, Jan will be publishing her "INspired To Change" co-authored book, launching her Permission To Come ALIVE! Transmissions, and announcing her INspired Life Retreats.  She looks forward to continuing her life-changing work with her Quest Guide and Ghostwriting-Editing clients.  Most of all, Jan is eagerly anticipating an even higher state of being and intuitive living from her inner inspired guidance, trusting life, and "following her feel-good."



Founder-Past President,

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Orange County Chapter


The Gifted Ghostwriter-Eagle Eye Editor

Creator-Marketing Consultant-Coordinator,

One Source Wellness


Holistic Source Radio


Master of My Dreams Master Mind


Partners In Believing


The Quest Guide ~

The Genius & Joy Life Experience


INspired To Change (publishing 2020)


Permission To Come ALIVE!

Weekly Transmissions


2019 INspired Life Retreats

Santa Barbara Wise Women Over 40


FLOW Self-Realization Circle for Women






KUCI Radio

"Choices 4 Women Podcast"

"What Is Your Holistic Lifestyle?" Radio

"Princess Power Hour Podcast"

"Free Your Spirit Tina Talk For Women"

 Top 12 Nominee in 2012's

“Orange County Collaborative Business Leader”

“Business Marketing Made Simple” HCC

“HOLOS” Retreat

“Business Recovery is Self Discovery ~

You are Here to Blossom!” HCC

"Clarifying Your Desires & Creating Your Vision"

“Prosperity 2013”

“Who Are You?” HCC

“Lyceum LIVE”

“Being Authentic” HCC

"Permission To Come ALIVE!!"

Holistic Chamber of Commerce OC Chapter

People Growers Corporate Marketing Workshop

Orange County Corporate Lunch Talks


Jan Edwards

Your Self-Realization Quest Guide for 

Your Genius and Joy

Life Experience

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