As a Quest Guide

to Your Genius & Joy Life Experience,

I am eager to guide you in your discovery

of a better feeling life

and better feeling work in the world. 


Life and work that flow. 

Naturally.  Easily.  Freely.  Peacefully.  Joyfully.  Abundantly.

Life and work that allow you to be who you truly are at your purist self.

Life that self guides, directing you to all that you desire,

tapping into your genius and brilliance,

allowing you to serve the world,

freeing you to be all that you were born to be.

Life and work that strengthen you, uplift you, heal you, reveal you,

allowing you to receive what you desire

and what you need.

Resources, energy, ideas, people, and circumstances.

Creating shifts that feel good and real.

that will continue to replenish you for a lifetime.

Shifts and Experiences unique to you. 

Not learned.  Not copied.  Not programmed.  Not one-size-fits-all.


​What do you desire?

It can be anything.

You can start anywhere.  

Any time.

There are no rules...

at least not the rules that limit you.

Only universal principles that serve you.  

There  are no limits...

except beliefs

that are no longer true

to the you, you are becoming.

Each of you is on a Quest

for a life that you believe will make you feel better, higher, freer.

To make sense of why you're here.   

To understand your true value.

To know who you are.


To know your Genius.


To realize your ability to thrive.

To experience Joy.

To discover your true power to create this life.

You're already on the path to having what you quest for....

The Genius and Joy Life Experience is your birthright.


You helped me sort out my crazy thought process and focus on what I'm wanting. 

I needed the energy to shift enough inside to get started.  I'm becoming more comfortable with the idea that I have a lot to offer! 

Thank you for helping me move past all this into excellence!!

Cristina & Remo

Jan Edwards

Your Self-Realization Quest Guide for 

Your Genius and Joy

Life Experience

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